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Building relations and connections with The Kitchen Connect!

stockhealthysaladpromoAre you bored with the usual routine of hanging out with friends at movies and clubs? Do you to make memories and laugh over goof ups? Why not cook together and play around, make blunders and blow up the kitchen! (Well, not really, we’ll assist you so THAT doesn’t happen!). But, seriously- Imagine a bunch of close friends, cooking away and relishing it later! How awesome does that sound! We make it possible, and all you have to do is enrol with us, and host a workshop cum party! We will do all the arrangements for ingredients, work stations, garnishes and utensils, you just need to roll up your sleeves and COOK while having fun (regardless of your experience in the kitchen by the way, because we start from scratch and with easy tips).

Our company offers friendly hands- on cooking classes, and provides a pleasurable culinary experience to promote a culture of the much dreaded art of cooking and make the journey fun and exciting. Most often we meet people who think cooking is a mammoth task, well we break the stereotype and make it a cakewalk! We provide you with shopping guides, easy tips and shortcuts, to make your time in the kitchen as rejuvenating and relaxing as a spa session!

We give you the option of relaxing with your friends and family to enjoy the dishes you have cooked and cherish them. Not only that, The Kitchen Connect goes an extra mile to provide recipes and Hampers, with measured ingredients, so that you can re- cook and re- ignite the passion of cooking your favourite dish, anytime you want. And the cherry on the cake is- that we provide a second class for the same recipe if you need extra support absolutely FREE!

Our different themes include events for tourists, couples, corporate bonding programmes and of course birthdays and anniversaries! You name the event, we have our kitty full of goodies for you!

We are party people, and all our events, with our crazy and innovative ideas will engage you and your guests alike, enriching everybody’s experience!

So, what are you waiting for, roll up your sleeves, enrol with us and get ready to embark on the scrumptious, mouth watering journey of FOOD!