Corporate events

Corporate Events

Be a leader, work in a team, show them what you have got,

Be creative and make friends, while stirring the boiling pot!

10891448_623245961113748_3027342347707744487_nWe know off- sites are super fun and a great way for leadership and team building activities. But what better way to bond with your colleagues over a glass of wine and learning some cooking skills. This would be a test of team- work, patience, creativity, time management skills, and hence a great alternative to corporate team bonding exercises! You can then motivate your staff and strengthen your working relationships, with food as the bonding factor. And come on! Who doesn’t bond over good food? Cooking will help u break the ice with the sternest of bosses and the silliest of colleagues! (shhhhh.)
We offer enriching experiences at our specially designed corporate bonding party events to inculcate feelings of unity and team work, group efforts over individualism. Cooking is an entertaining way of fostering relationships with your colleagues &clients.

THE KITCHEN CONNECT brings to the table exciting themes for team building activities. Now official bonding won’t be mundane and mechanical. Cooking together is fun, methodical and tests you skills in a funny way! The motivation and energy that will be felt in the kitchen will surely make for an awesome experience, we guarantee you that. And you never know, there might be a hidden Master chef in your team, who can exploit all year long!(for food of course :D)

We have come up with many unique themes for you to choose from.
Rest assured, we promise the best seasonal and fresh ingredients.

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