Date Night Cooking

Date night cooking

Food and Love have something they share,

When they are awesome, it’s felt in the air,

So come and enjoy all you love doves,

As you turn on the heat, we turn on the stoves!

couple dateIsn’t being in love the most beautiful feeling? But, to make every day and event special, we generally run out of ideas! How about a cooking class together on your next date? What’s more romantic than partners cooking for each other, toiling away and making each other feel special and pampered! And the fruit of hard work is sweet, so later you can sit back and relish the delicious food you just whipped up! We make sure to send you the recipes and photographs later for re-creating the beautiful memories again for these are the moments that shape our lives. What a 2- carat ring might not do for you, a simple gesture of cooking might! How about proposing to her while cooking? She will freeze and melt at the same time! (Pun intended) :D

Our special menu would consist of themes like ‘Chocolate Seduction’, ‘Strawberry Love’, ‘Hot and Sour’ and many other customized themes. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, you might want to sweep your partners off their feet, and what better than to whip up some love!

As we said, You turn on the heat, we will turn on the stoves!


Sick and tired of thinking about what to gift your couple friends for their special day? Gift them a couple’s cooking class, for birthdays, anniversaries and holidays! (We’ll make sure it fits in your budget, is customized and makes them feel like a master chef, without an expiration date).

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