Little Chefs

Something for the Tiny Tots!

A new playground is in town, for the little packs of joy,

Everyone can cook, big or small, a sweet girl or a cute boy!

canstockphoto4463120 2 children cookingThey say young minds are the easiest to mould and are at their creative best! Why not utilise this talent and make our young ones embrace the art of cooking under direct supervision of our talented chefs! It is time that we drop the fear of involving our young ones in the kitchen. With our care and love, we help make cooking a hobby and an enjoyable exercise for the kids!

We can get new ideas and inspiration from the tiny tots, working with their teeny hands, decorating little cup cakes, cutting and frosting cookies, rolling out pizzas and tossing salads!
(We make sure that most of the recipes include no cooking on the flame, and if they do, we provide careful adult supervision.)

We also bring to you special birthday packages where the birthday boy/girl gets to decorate his own cake and all the friends get to make something special for their friend! This is one birthday party I wish I had as a kid, so why not use this opportunity for your own!

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