Tourist Classes

Brews and stews in India, with a Fusion Tadka!

Let your taste buds enjoy, the joy of going round the world,

For we bring to you flavours- delightful, delicious and unheard!

Tourist cookingIndia is a multi- cultural land, with a bounty of regions and communities. Each ethnicity has its own speciality that makes the Indian cuisine so diverse and unique. Tired of having been to the usual tourist attractions, a great way of getting to know a place is to experience its cuisine and we make this tryst easy for you! Food is something of a cultural bonding phenomenon in the country.

Indian food is renowned for its different cooking styles and usage of a wide range of herbs and spices.

We believe a tour to our country is incomplete without experiencing a hands-on cooking class where you can learn to make traditional dishes of Indian cuisine.

The Kitchen Connect offers the tourists a way to discover India through an intimate and authentic cooking tour around food. The classes will include fabulous excursions to local sites with an English Speaking guide. (On request)

The Kitchen Connect converts its kitchen studio into a mini India just for you, where you can have hands on experience of cooking the various delicacies in the Indian cuisine with the expertise and guidance of our Indian chefs. You can enjoy the fruits of your labour later at our indoor or outdoor dining area.

The participants can cook and enjoy together a spread of mouth- watering dishes which will be a fusion of cultures. Our special guides will help you create dishes that are traditional to the Indian culture, but have a resemblance to a favourite dish of your own cuisine.

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